This class provides an user interface allowing the user to search for things supported by the adapter nokia.mh5.components.Search.searchAdapter, remembers and shows the completion of the previous searches. You can disable or modify the shown completion and specify your own search back-end logic. If you just need a headless search, we recommend to use the search function of the adapter directly. To step in and influence the default behavior of the component define you own listeners for the component.


 var search = new nokia.mh5.components.Search({
   searchAdapter: mySearchAdapter,
   completionAdapter: myCompletionAdapter,
   input: {
       placeholder: "Search...",
       listeners: {
           focus: function(e) {
              //my focus handler
   listeners: {
       beforesearch: function(e) {
           //my beforesearch handler
       success: function(e) {
           //my success handler
       error: function(e) {
           //my error handler
       clear: function(e) {
           //my clear handler
   parameters: {
        limit: 25,
        center: function() {

Inheritance hierarchy


Constructor Detail

Constructor of the search component.

new nokia.mh5.components.Search(props, parentContainer);

Constructor Parameters

Type Name Description
Object props properties of the component. You can overwrite every property or function of this component. See the example in class description above. Additional to that you can define the listeners property
nokia.mh5.ui.Container parentContainer parent container of the search component
Object props.listeners Object where you can define your own listeners for the offered events
Function props.listeners.beforesearch Handler called before the search function is called. You can find the query saved in the "data" property of the received event. If you want to prevent search for special user entries, call preventDefault function on the received event.
Function props.listeners.clear Handler called when the user clears the previous search query.
Function props.listeners.success Handler called when the search is done. You can find the received data in the "data" property of the received event.
Function props.listeners.error Handler called when the search has failed. If the error is known, you can find the error message in the "data" property of the received event.

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publicinherited insertBefore(control, name, referenceControlName) Inserts a control with a specified name to the container before the control with the specified name and adds the "parent" property set to the container to it.
publicinherited add(control, name) Adds a control with the specified name to the container and adds the "parent" property set to the container to it.
publicinherited getContentRoot() Returns the real DOM node of the control without scroll wrapper (if present).
publicinherited getRootOwnerByClass(Class) Retrieves the instance that owns the root node of the specified Class. Used to retrieve creator of the component inside bound events.
publicinherited prepareBindings() Calls prepareBindings on children controls (if available) and itself.
publicinherited prepareDidChangeNotifications() Calls prepareDidChangeNotifications on children controls (if available) and itself.
publicinherited remove(name) Removes a specified a control from the container, if it can be found.
public search() You can trigger the search by calling this function. It passes the current value of nokia.mh5.components.Search.query and nokia.mh5.components.Search.parameters to the search function of nokia.mh5.components.Search.adapter. It calls "success"/"error" listeners after the adapter calls the callback/errback of the component itself. The search results will be passed as a parameter to the success listener.

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public nokia.mh5.ui.List completion List containing entries provided by nokia.mh5.components.Search.completionAdapter. To disable the completion set the nokia.mh5.components.Search.completionAdapter to null. The list shows the value of the "text" property in nokia.mh5.ui.List.items.
public Object completionAdapter Adapter used to get and add entries from/to the completion. This default completion is based on the previous user search queries and suggestions delivered by the Nokia suggestion service. To disable the completion functionality set this property to null
publicinherited Boolean dontBind makes sure, that the bindings in the container are initialized after the build function of all children is called.
public nokia.mh5.ui.TextInput input Control representing the text input field for user input.
public Object parameters Parameters are passed to function. The properties can be either primitives or functions. In the last case the functions will be called in the context of the search component.
public String query Search query bound to the nokia.mh5.ui.TextInput.value property.
public nokia.mh5.adapters.Search searchAdapter Adapter used to execute search. To enable your own back-end search service define you own adapter. It should provide search function with the same interface our default adapter does.


nokia.mh5.components.Search has no events.


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staticpublic Object n.a. SEARCH_COMPLETION default adapter for completions the user see typing a new query


nokia.mh5.components.Search has no interfaces.